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Vilve Unt, Estonian Academy of Arts

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“Search for...”  was an internship project being part of the Smart Textiles program, Design Research Unit at Interactive Institute.

Search for

is a conceptual crafted scarf-collection promoting principles of Reduce by having a message to the audience as well as to the wearer. It interacts with the environment and to the person that uses it through unexpected pleasant expressions.

It is developed by Kristi Kuusk as part of her MA thesis at Estonian Academy of Arts and an internship project of the Smart Textiles program, Design Research Unit at Interactive Institute.

The collection is made of waste materials from a local knitting factory which are crafted into interactive pieces. Therefore it expressively supports Reusing and Recycling along with the concept of full use of materials. Disposed form of the material is used as a starting point for the inspiration of the collection alongside with the conceptual ideas.

Technology, that is mastered into a message and expressions, is used to express certain feelings and willings.

A story of waste materials worked into conceptual neck-pieces that interact with the environment.


Thecollection is aimed to tackle questions about progress and make the wearer gasp the moment, reflection time. It fits in the contemporary culture by supporting closeness of people and by transforming information from the environment into garment expressions, into something the wearer can sense.

Most of the materials used are production waste from a knitting company Levandi in Pärnu, Estonia, which means that something considered as trash gained a new beautiful life.


for the collection comes from the following statement of Bauman:

"Progress has turned into a sort of endless and uninterrupted game of musical chairs in which a moment of inattention results in irreversible defeat and irrevocable exclusion. Instead of great expectations and sweet dreams, "progress" evokes an insomnia full of nightmares of "being left behind" - of missing the train, or falling out of the window of a fast accelerating vehicle.” (Bauman, Z. Liquid Times - Living in an Age of Uncertainty, 2007)

Each piece of the collection is meant to give a moment of reflection - a way to appreciate it, cherish and rather look for it than be scared of the “spaces” between the “words of life”, the stopped moments. Message of every piece is that no trains are going to be missed - the right train/plane/boat comes when we are ready for it. Every item is in search of something.

Forms of the details and patterns on scarves are inspired by “Frozen happy molecules” (Masaru Emoto theory) as it was hoped to inspire the wearers molecules to take the “happy” shape in cold as well.

Another shape inspiration comes from the form of the waste material itself as it limits some possibilities, jet inspires others.

Kristi Kuusk - Design & production of the collection

Imre Kaas - Video

Jaana Nõu - Photography

Klarika Sild - Hair/Makeup

Linda al-Assi - “Search for calm” model

Maris Mendelman - “Search for intimacy” model

Mirtel Pohla - “Search for a moment of rest” model

Liisi Koikson - “Search for childish” model

Denise Fontoura - “Search for darkness” model

Uisukohvik - Video location provider

Harju tänava uisuplats - Video location provider

Music: Freeplay Music Library

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